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These are the SCA web pages put together by Meistres Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes of Westbrook Manor, the Barony of Loch Salann, Kingdom of Artemisia. (In former times of Hastle Castle, Shire of am Mor Salann Fasach, Principality of the Outlands, Kingdom of Atenveldt. I haven't moved more than a few miles, but, as in the mundane world, the political boundaries and names of political entities have changed over the years.)

Many thanks to Sir Michael the Lucky of Lancaster, who loaned me his archives of The Questing Quill for am Mor Salann Fasach/Loch Salann's first ten years, and many slides from the group's early years as well.

The Arms of Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes:
Vert, a pale Or, overall a domestic cat passant gardant sable, grasping in its dexter forepaw a nosegay of scarlet pimpernels slipped and leaved proper. (Anagallis arvensis)

Artwork by Countess Briony of Windermere

The Barony of Loch Salann

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Disclaimer: This is not an official site of the Society for Creative Anachronism or the Barony of Loch Salann.

E-mail Meistres Rhonwen at julia.west@REMOVETHIS.sff.net.

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