Radioactive Tumbleweeds

Words by Julia H. West
To the tune of "Tumbling Tumbleweeds"
Music by Bob Nolan

   Nuclear inspector
   Riding all day long
   While my geiger counter
   Sings its lonesome song.
   Checking each bunny, bug and weed;
   Won't let the "hot" ones spread or breed.

   See them tumbling down,
   Pledging their love to the ground,
   Where'er they go I'll be found
   Chasing the radioactive tumbleweeds.

   Though the plutonium's gone
   Nuclear waste lingers on.
   I spend each day in the sun
   Chasing the radioactive tumbleweeds.

	   I know it will be long
	   Until radiation's gone.

   So I'll keep checking each hole
   Look at each snake, fly, and mole.
   Kill or contain is my goal:
   Chasing the radioactive tumbleweeds.
   First hot frogs . . . now radioactive tumbleweeds.
Words copyright © 21 May 1999 by Julia H. West

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