Wonderful Thing

midi | score

Words and music by Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes
(m.k.a. Julia Howarth West)

     He isn't the handsomest lad in the world,
     And he's not as rich as a king,
         D7                  G
     But it doesn't matter because he is good
        C        D7        G
     At one very wonderful thing.

     Yes, my lad cannot give me bright jewels to wear,
     Or dress me in velvet so fine.
     But as long as he's good at that wonderful thing
     I vow that he'll always be mine.

     Now all you young lasses who still are unwed
     Should keep this in mind as you look:
     If you can't get a lad who is handsome or rich
     Make certain that he's a good cook!
Words and music copyright © 1978 by Julia Howarth (West)

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