Tanuki's Traveller Lowport

T20 scoutship from THB
Manta class merchant
800 dton Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser
T20 100 dton Scout-Courier deckplans
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Based on the Traveller Handbook illo. A better fit than the rough deckplan sketch at www.farfuture.net
Manta class 200 dton Merchant
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(work in progress) A 200dton merchant ship based on the CT Safari Ship hull.
Broadsword Class 800 dton Mercenary Cruiser
Corrected deckplan design -- the deckplans in CT Traders and Gunboats are actually about 1200 dtons.
400 dton Fat Trader
400 dton Fat Corsair
400 dton Type R Subsidised Merchant (Fat Trader)
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Corrected deckplan design--the deckplans in CT Traders and Gunboats are actually about 500 dtons and security is non-existent.
400 dton Type RQ Commerce Raider (Fat Corsair)
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This Q-ship is an ex-Subsidised Merchant, substantually modified after capture by pirates.
Scans of the Traveller ID Cards from Classic Traveller Supplement 12, Forms and Charts
RV Autonomous Cutter Module -- This is the Traveller version of the ubiquitous Winnebago. These will be found in retirement-friendly systems and tourist spots throughout the Imperium. Owners of starships dedicated to module transport often organize package tours for RV module owners: "Dock your home and see the wonders of the universe! Relax in our casino lounge and get to know your neighbors for the voyage."
Streamlined Cutter Module Fairing (nose cone) For RV module owners that just have to get someplace in atmosphere at speeds greater than 300 kph.
Cutter Module Streamlined Microtug Need to move a cutter module? Need a tow because your RV's power plant has broken down? This small craft will get you there.
Trader Jim's Mobile Bar & Grill -- this is a variant on the RV module designed for Trader Jim from the Traveller Citizens of the Imperium discussion groups.

Fiddleback 400dton Type T Patrol Cruiser
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Modular Scouts -- These are some deckplans I put together awhile ago for a JTAS (Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society) contest. JTAS is a website dedicated to Traveller, a science fiction role playing game. Please consider the Modular Scout deckplans a historical artifact as I will be redoing these deckplans and the color text in the near future as I have the tools to do a better job with them now. :-)

Iris valves -- gifs of various iris valves opening and closing.

Also check out TravellerRPG.com which is the homesite for T20 (Traveller D20), a D20 system version of Traveller.

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