Stargate SG-13
Some of the members of SG-13
Dr. Greg Stockman,
archaeologist and linguist
General West, GM Dr. Tanuki Ogawa,
physicist and tech specialist
Captain Kendra Barry, sniper
Illo by Howard Tayler,, drawn at CONduit, May 29, 2005.
This particular incarnation of Stargate SG-13 is a group of gamers who have been playing Traveller (some of us for decades) and decided to play a Stargate version of Traveller. We started with Andy Slack's Stargate SG-13 rules for GURPS Lite ( and adapted the rules further for Traveller. This version of SG-13 is a large team (much larger than the four-person teams generally seen on Stargate SG-1--we say it's because we're an "experimental" team). Oddly enough, we now have thirteen members (not counting the Game Master). The members are:
Team Member NameJobPlayer's Name
Lt. Col. Edwin SallyTeam LeaderPeter Vernon
Capt. Merrie SmithHistorian and mechanicIso Vernon
Capt. Kendra BarrySniperDanica West
1st Lt. WingDemolitionJoe Hymer
1st Lt. Kamera ChristensenNuclear engineerMalinda
2nd Lt. Bob EcksSecurityNathaniel Collier
Dr. Melissa CrimMedical doctorDorothy Vernon
Dr. Greg StockmanArchaeologist and linguistRowan West
Dr. Tanuki OgawaPhysicist and technology specialistBrook West
SSgt. Eisa MolairnCommunications/electronicsCharlotte Zimmerman
SSgt. Sargent RobSecurityJay Collier
A1C Joseph Roberts (Joe Bob)SecurityLehi Collier
Airman ArwenDog handlerElizabeth Collier
Gen. WestGame MasterJulia West
First Mission: P6Y-691 (Uruk)

Second Mission: P7X-527

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